Modern Biotechnology uses the achievements of "Genetic Mechanics" in order to substantiate the biological processes of cells in productive procedures at industrial scale.

Today, the applications of biotechnology are spreading widely. In the primary sector of production, phytogenic & animal, genetic modification of several species & varieties or cloning of them, is being succeeded, whereas in fermentation industry, mutant micro-organisms are used, so that new advanced products will be attained.

In Health – Medicine sector the applications are rapid:

    • Production of new medicines & vaccines with the least or no side-effects, production of hormones, application of new more accurate diagnostic methods, etc.
      • Genetic modified micro-organisms are also used in antilitter environment technology & in the units of biological cleaning.

      In consequence of the biotechnological achievements, new horizons appear for applications in almost all fields of economic activity.

      The Sector of Biotechnology aims at :

      1. The development & the rally of scientific manpower (Academics, Researchers, Production staff, etc) that applies biotechnological processes & methods.
      2. The transfer of Technology – Know how in sections, which are in the peak of the productive procedure.
      3. The development of biotechnological processes & certification methods in the fields of health services.