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Objective and verified information search for solving a problem


Configure as many different solutions by the research.


New and innovative ideas for the implementation of projects.


The Technological Research Center of Thessally was founded according to the Presidential decree 143/P.N.G. 123/20-6-2001 and is supervised and funded by the Ministry of National Education & Religious Affairs.

The following five Technology Transfer & Research Sectors, which operate in the four prefectures of Thessally, are subsumed to the Center:

  1. Qualitative Control of Materials
  2. Agricultural Technology
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Computer Science Applications
  5. Environmental Protection

The fundamental goal of TRC of Thessalia is the technological research development in order to solve specific problems of the productive procedure and the social and economic development of Thessalia. The technological research development will result in the improvement of the existing methods and the productive processes, which serve the needs of the Thessalian prefecture and consequently the country's needs. TRC's main target is the development of applications & products, the provision of services, as well as the support of industrial - manufacturing units. The collaboration between TRC & the local productive units will upgrade the relationship between research & labor market, granted that the majority of the founding members are professors of higher education.